My R*pist Is a DJ and I Outed Him Online: Here’s What Happened

Content Warning: Description of r*pe and after affects, mention of r*pe, abuse, assault, an*l sex Click to enlarge gallery images of screen shots – our web skills still suck (sorry). ___________________________________________________________________ Before I begin, I just wanna shout out all my fellow r*pe, abuse and assault survivors. As someone who has lived through r*pe and

Your Silence Speaks Volumes: An Open Letter to the ‘Boys’ Club’ that Dominates the Electronic Music Scene

A friend of mine recently asked me to write a piece exposing some of the racism and sexism that I’ve experienced in the music industry in order to help raise awareness. She asked me to detail: who hurt me, who harassed me, who assaulted me, who silenced me, who was racist and who scrutinised my

Radar Radio is Dead, but the Problems in Our ‘Community’ Are Not.

At the time of posting this, it’s been one month since I first published my blogpost about Radar Radio’s fucked up mistreatment of my sexual harassment claims. Before releasing any official statement on the public’s reaction to my experiences, I thought I would wait and see how Radar decided to respond. After all, I had

I’m a Woman of Colour Who Was Mistreated at Radar Radio – Their Reaction to Pxssy Palace’s Leaving Statement Is Absolute Trash. Here’s Why.

CONTENT WARNING: mention of r*pe, child and domestic abuse, sexual harassment. If you weren’t aware, the woc and queer-centred feminist DJ collective Pxssy Palace recently posted a statement on their Instagram page notifying followers that they would no longer be hosting their monthly show on Radar Radio. Their decision to leave the station was influenced by